From generator to emitter, a unique offering

COMAP assists building-industry professionals throughout the construction process of systems that move power from generators, such as boilers, heat pumps, solar panels, air conditioning or hot-water tanks, to emitters, such as radiators, low-temperature underfloor heating, unit ventilators and household water fixtures.

This unique range gives installers something crucial: all the required solutions, tailored and optimised for each of the key points in a system. This includes parts for generators, primary and secondary networks, interfaces, balancing, emitter parts and controls and water treatment solutions.

Here you will find our generator-emitter solutions* for:

  • Single-family housing
  • Multi-family/social housing
  • Office space
  • Hotels
  • Health-care facilities

* The solutions presented represent the most logical uses of their components, in accordance with the characteristics and purpose of each building. These system types are suggested as examples, and must not be considered as ready-to-use solutions. As all projects are different, COMAP recommends that qualified professionals participate in the design and implementation of the most suitable solution.