Differential pressure balancing valves - DPCV

Delta balancing valve differential pressure DPCV

Differential pressure control valves use a diaphragm to enable maintenance of constant differential pressure.

They ensure stable, precise, continuous control of the circuit.

They are especially recommended for tall buildings and complex branched systems.

DPCV valves ensure constant differential pressure in a hydraulic circuit with variable flow. They are used for heating applications.

Constant differential pressure valves guarantee optimal function of devices on each branch in the system, especially when flow is variable.

DPCV differential pressure balancing valve benefits

The main advantages of DPCV differential pressure control valves 

Excellent performance

  • Energy savings through elimination of over-pressure in the network and evening out of temperatures in the return.
  • These control valves always function at maximum power. When these valves make it necessary for the system to operate with partial pressure (thermostatic valves), there is no impact on differential pressure for the other zones.
  • Reduced noise.

Save time and money

  • Systems may be expanded without having to re-balance the network: DPCV valves are recommended to guarantee differential pressure for each zone. This enables the easy creation of new zones without having to re-adjust the entire system.

DPCV differential pressure balancing valve applications

DPCV differential pressure balancing valves are suited for the following applications:

Heating networks