Connection solutions


Distribution systems deliver water and energy securely and responsively within a building. Their quality is a large part of the whole installation's quality. COMAP solutions guarantee quality design and high-end manufacturing for more efficient sites and quick, dependable, durable installations.


COMAP provides one of the most comprehensive range of materials, sizes and technologies to satisfies all the requirements of professional fitting. Our unique offer "Multiconnect by COMAP" brings together the newest solutions for push and press connections:


  • Proven technology, ideal for new construction and renovation
  • To complement or replace traditional techniques
  • Implementation that's always professional, faster and more secure, for long-lasting and effective installations that meet new requirements for economic and environmental performance.

Learn more about COMAP fittings:

multilayer press fittings set SkinPress Water

Multilayer system pipes and press-fittings, in brass and PPSU

Press fitting set PexPress for PEX pipes

Press fittings for PEX pipes

Sudo copper end feed fittings set

Endfeeds, slide and compression fittings

Connection pipes COMAP
Pipes (PEX, multilayer, stainless steel, carbon steel)
push manifolds integrated isolating machanism 4 males outlets with 35 mm interaxis

For sanitary and heating applications

crimping tool ACO 102

Crimping tools, inserts, jaws...