Multilayer network


The multilayer material combines value for money with technical performance.

COMAP multilayer fittings and pipes are suitable for all domestic water and heating installations. This range is designed for new construction or renovation and can be used for exposed or concealed networks. The COMAP Skin system of pipes and fittings is available in diameters of 16-63 mm.

COMAP multilayer benefits

  • Excellent performance
    • A sophisticated design that optimises the material's properties
    • A wide range of operating temperatures (-10° C to 95° C)
    • A certified system: EN ISO 21003 (for DVGW) and CSTBat
    • Recyclable materials
  • ​Convenient to work with
    • Light and easy to transport: three times lighter than copper
    • Practical packaging: one coil of 100 metres of pipe, in an individual carton
    • Installation made easy: manual bending
  • Save time and money
    • Fewer connections: on average, half as many fittings as with a metal system
    • Less risk of theft: on average, multi-layer piping is a third as expensive as copper piping

Applications for multilayer fitting and pipe systems

Drinking water
Sanitary hot water
Hot water networks
Under-floor heating and cooling
Chilled water
Solar heating
District heating
Water vapour
Process water
Dry compressed air (oil < 25mg/m3)
Lubricated compressed air (oil > 25mg/m3)


Applications compatible with exchanged O-ring

Compatible applications (stay within temperature and pressure limits)

Incompatible applications