COMAP offers a wide variety of pipes manufactured in France or elsewhere in the European Union.

The wide variety within our PEX, multilayer range covers systems for every kind of application: heating, sanitary, underfloor heating, etc.

With this offering, COMAP clients can choose the best solution for each project or application.

The characteristics of these pipes and their manufacturing methods meet requirements set forth in ISO, EN, NF, DVGW, CstBAT and other certification programmes.

High resistance

  • COMAP's pipe ranges have been chosen for their high resistance to temperature, pressure and corrosion.

Appearance and practicality

  • COMAP multilayer pipes are white for an optimal appearance, and they may be painted so that even when they are not concealed they blend in perfectly with their surroundings.

Diversity and adaptability

  • For most of its pipes, COMAP offers a variety of connection types, enabling implementation that fits the needs and demands of the installer.