The SkinPress press-fitting system for multilayer pipes unites the attributes of plastic and metal solutions, combining the properties of PEX and aluminium.

  • A lightweight, flexible pipe with high expansion resistance thanks to an aluminium interior layer.
  • High-quality fittings in brass and PPSU, with quick installation and secured with a crimping indicator.

Excellent performance

  • Advanced design optimising the properties of the materials, giving excellent corrosion resistance and good acoustic performance.
  • A wide range of operating temperatures (-10° C to 95° C)
  • System certified in accordance with EN ISO 21002, DVGW, CSTBat and many local certifications

Working convenience

  • Light and easy to transport: Three times lighter than copper
  • Practical packaging: One coil of 100 metres of pipe, in an individual carton
  • Installation made easy: manual bending
  • Safety: the use of fire is not necessary

Save time and money

  • Fewer connections: on average, half as many fittings as with a metal system
  • Less risk of theft: on average, copper piping is three times more expensive than multilayer tubing
  • Speed: a press-fit connection can be made in less than 7 seconds