Radiator valves


Thermostatic heads and bodies, manual valves, adjustment fittings, hydraulic components, distributors, etc.:  COMAP offers a wide variety of control solutions to optimise systems' energy consumption as well as comfort.

COMAP products meet the temperature-control needs of professionals and end users:

  • Engineers in search of ways to reduce overall energy consumption.
  • Installers need equipment that is reliable and easy to install.
  • Clients demand individual solutions that are easy to use, economical, well-designed and durable.

Four good reasons to choose COMAP

1. A well-known brand

COMAP has been developing control solutions for over 60 years.  The brand is recognized by professionals for its high level of reliability and technical sophistication. 

2. Guaranteed energy efficiency

COMAP products have excellent energy efficiency: thermostatic head with one of the best temperature-variation (or TELL score) ratings on the market, thermostatic valve with adjustable flow rate and more.

3. Complete technical support resources

  • Data sheets for each product, including its hydraulic specifications and adjustment instructions.
  • Technical support teams to help you select the most suitable products.

4. A very complete range of solutions

The wide variety within the range can meet any needs, for any application, in single and double-tube systems.