Distributors for one-pipe and two-pipe systems


One pipe straight distributor Comap

The COMAP range includes several distributor models:

  • one-pipe or two-pipe
  • with or without isolation
  • the only universal distributor with adjustable ports: the UniverSar 638 distributor, an all-in-one unit to meet water distribution challenges on the job-site

All COMAP distributors are made in France, at the COMAP factory in Abbeville, in the Somme department.


Comap 338  distributor without isolation, with vertical port, for one-pipe systems Comap 538 distributor with isolation, with vertical port, for one-pipe systems Comap 539 distributor with isolation, with lateral port, for one-pipe systems Comap UniverSar 638 distributor, with adjustable ports, for one-pipe or two-pipe systems


COMAP one-pipe and two-pipe distributor benefits

  • A wide range, to meet a wide variety of configuration needs
  • Radiator may be disconnected without draining, with models with isolation valves on the return line
  • Distributor-pipe mechanical coupling included

This range includes the UniverSar 638 universal distributor, which is available in two versions, for one-pipe and two-pipe systems. Its main strengths:

  • With isolation and memory
  • Port can be adjusted 180° for floor or wall connections
  • Bypass function, for when the radiator is not yet installed
  • The centre-to-centre measurement varies depending on the chosen version (renovation or non-renovation)
  • Fitting included to connect the pipe to the valve


COMAP one-pipe and two-pipe distributor applications

COMAP one-pipe and two-pipe distributors are suited for the following application:



  • Nominal pressure 10 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 110° C