Aquatis is a smart solution for drinking water that guarantees a healthy water, without bad taste, over time.

With this solution equipped with three filtration cartridges, COMAP guarantees a naturally filtered water while preserving its original minerals.

The installation of Aquatis is simple and fast and does not require a connection to wastewater.



Well-being and serenity for the home

Aquatis ensures a high-quality tap water for the whole family while preserving its original minerality (calcium, magnesium…) and thus its natural benefits. Its control of wear of the consumables offers the guarantee of a healthy water over time.

Its natural filtration holds back:

  • sediments and particles suspended in the water,
  • pesticides and herbicides to which millions of people are exposed each year,
  • bad taste and bad smells of chlorine,
  • bacteria and viruses

Easy installation and maintenance

Aquatis can be easily installed under a sink

  • Reduced size: 50 cm needed under the sink
  • Replacing cartridges in less than a minute, with a provided key
  • Dashboard with light and sound indicator that indicates when it is necessary to replace consumables


Aquatis filtration technology acts in three actions:

  1. Filtration of sediments, taste and smell of chlorine with activated charcoal at 10μm
  2. Filtration of pesticides, herbicides with activated charcoal at 10μm
  3. Ultrafiltration of bacteria and viruses with hollow fiber membrane at 0.1μm

This last action, ultrafiltration is particularly thin and guarantees a healthy drinking water.

Unlike other solutions such as reverse osmosis, essential minerals for health are preserved and no discharge of water is generated.


COMAP’s solution to improve water quality provides a healthy water, without bad taste, through the main house tap. We recommend to install Aquatis under the sink, on the inlet of cold water.

No commissioning is necessary, Aquatis improves the quality of the water as soon as the installation is finished.


Aquatis ensures the finest level of filtration possible keeping the minerality of your water. To avoid the waste of your filter cartridges, COMAP provides a double inlet tap that allows you to use the filtered water from Aquatis only when necessary! For dishes, the unfiltered water is good enough.