One-pipe hydraulic modules


Straight hydraulic module two pipe Comap

One-pipe hydraulic module for radiators with built-in valves.

Comap 970 one-pipe hydraulic module, straight   Comap 975E one-pipe hydraulic module, angle   Comap 970A one-pipe hydraulic module, straight


Comap one-pipe hydraulic module benefits

  • Appearance: the radiator supply and return are connected to the hydraulic module
  • Radiator isolation
  • 10 year guarantee

Comap VarioFlex hydraulic module strengths (unit available in one-pipe or two-pipe version)

  • Coupling nut for easy installation
  • Direction can be changed (straight and angle)
  • One-pipe or two-pipe
  • Tool-free draining and filling

Comap one-pipe hydraulic module applications

Comap one-pipe hydraulic modules are suited for the following applications:

  • Maximum pressure:   10 bar
  • Maximum temperature:
    • 120° C 
    • 110° C sustained/130° C peak for Varioflex