EuroSar manual valve


Comap eurosar manual valve

The COMAP EuroSar manual valve enables water flow adjustment and can be mounted on all types of radiator.

Two versions are offered: single and dual adjustment.

  • Control and isolation

    The 418-419 manual valve with single adjustment and constant flow rate is upgradeable, and may be combined with a thermostat without draining the system.
  • Control, isolation, balancing/flow variation

    The 408-409 with dual controls enables flow control with the COMAP 135 key. It offers a complementary balancing function, with limitation via the valve disc.

These two versions may be used with a thermostat, i.e. they can be converted to thermostatic valves, without draining the installation (not applicable to the 1" model).

Like all COMAP valves and bodies, EuroSar is made in France at the COMAP factory in Abbeville, in the Somme department, and has a 10-year guarantee.


EuroSar manual valve benefits

Excellent performance

  • Handwheel does not rise
  • Double water-tight seal eliminates risk of leak
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Made in France

Save time and money

  • Upgradeable (with addition of thermostat): ideal for renovation
  • Easy maintenance


EuroSar manual valve applications

The EuroSar manual valve is suited to the following application: