Flexible connections

Flexible connections Meibes by COMAP

Meibes flexible connections consist of Inoflex annealed pipe made of stainless steel and Fixlock screw-threaded connectors.

Inoflex pipes are very flexible and are available from DN12 to DN40. They can be supplied bare or insulated.

For solar-heating applications, the Meibes flexible connection system, in diameters DN12 to DN25, can withstand a maximum temperature of 200°C at a pressure of 16 bar. Inoflex pipes are available with insulation, individually or in pairs. This insulation can be, as required, bare or covered by a film protecting it against mechanical damage.

Fixlock connectors are a rapid solution for connecting Inoflex pipes. They are used to make connections between Inoflex pipes or supply a connection to other components of the system, such as pumps.

Benefits of Meibes flexible connections

Fitting speed

  • Inoflex pipe delivered in rolls can be cut to the length required by the installation. Its flexibility minimises the number of connections.
  • It is extremely easy to make a connection with the Fixlock system. No clamp is necessary.
  • As the pipe can be delivered already insulated, difficulties associated with insulating the circuit on site are eliminated.


  • Minimising the number of connections in the circuit reduces the risk of leaks.

Applications of Meibes flexible connections

Meibes flexible connections are suited for the following applications:

Solar heating (apart from extendible Inoflex pipe systems)


Sanitary (apart from extendible Inoflex pipe systems)