Modular boiler rooms

Also called transfer units or hydraulic modules, Meibes® modular boiler room solutions can be used to make a complete heating circuit, in-line or with elbows, thermally insulated, with one or more heating distribution circuits.

They comprise the following modular components:

  • Pump units using direct circuit, mixed circuit or mixed circuit with return temperature control
  • Manifolds (up to 3 heating circuits each)
  • Maintenance vessels, with or without hydraulic split
  • Connections between components or external systems (Victaulic/welded/threaded/flanged/crimped)
  • Servo motor accessories, pressure relief valves, wall brackets

All components are supplied with their own expanded polypropylene insulation

Connections to distribution circuits are possible in ¾", 1" and 1¼".

Internal connections are 1" with a constant spacing of 125 mm.

Pump units are available with several types of pumps, or without pumps. They are all 100% factory leak-tested.

Benefits of Meibes modular boiler rooms

Fast installation and space savings

  • Delivery of complete modules, with their insulation
  • On-site connections restricted to connections between modules and to circuit connectors
  • Use of modules creates a compact installation requiring relatively little floor space


  • The quality of industrial modules is factory-checked
  • Pump groups are 100% leak-tested


  • An industrial appearance of all modules that is unaffected by installation
  • Moulded insulation perfectly suited to each of the modules

Applications of Meibes modular boiler rooms

Meibes modular boiler rooms are suitable for the following applications: