Thermal interface units

Thermal interface units Logotherm Meibes by COMAP

Concerns to reduce energy consumption and emissions of fine particles (NOx), that affect the new collective residential sector, leading to a preference for collective heating systems and the demise of the individual boiler.

In addition to optimised operation of generators, this development of systems enables the use of renewable heat sources, while also making it possible to provide individual control of heating and domestic hot water production, including aspects related to invoicing.

Meibes heating modules for flats provide heating and hot water production in collective dwellings from a single primary hot water network circulating in the building.

Domestic hot water is heated instantaneously on demand using a plate heat exchanger fed through a proportional flow regulator operated when water is drawn off. The maximum power yielded for water heating goes from 35 to 46 kW, depending on the model.

The temperature of the dwelling can be adjusted using a room thermostat controlling a 2-way valve.

The modules include a cold water outlet to supply water to the dwelling.

Heating modules for flats are used in conjunction with pumps, a regulator and a buffer vessel, also available from COMAP.

Benefits of Meibes heating modules for flats

Energy efficiency and comfort

  • The possibility of having heating in all seasons
  • Decentralised production of domestic hot water reduces operating and usage costs compared to a fully centralised installation.
  • Provision to install meters to measure consumption accurately

Fast installation and space savings

  • Complete modules delivered, mounted on a wall plate, with the option of casings or inspection hatches for a wall-mounted or flush-mounted installation.
  • Modules designed to a standard size enabling standardised installation
  • A simpler service shaft that no longer requires a domestic hot water circuit, thereby reducing the installation costs for this circuit.


  • The quality of industrial modules is factory-checked
  • Modules are 100% leak tested
  • Design enabling instantaneous production of domestic hot water with no risk of legionellosis

Applications for Meibes heating modules for flats

Meibes heating modules are suited for the following applications:


Domestic hot water