synthetic manifold Biofloor 9000P

COMAP underfloor heating solutions are complete solutions, which is why, independently of the fitting system, COMAP offers a full range of synthetic or brass manifolds.

Synthetic manifolds

These modular manifolds consist of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide modules. This makes it possible, at any time, to adapt the number of circuits and configuration depending on requirements and to change the number of modules, even during the construction phase. These manifolds are corrosion-resistant and have insulating properties, it is therefore the perfect favourite choice for underfloor heating but also underfloor cooling.

Brass manifolds

These manifolds are suitable for underfloor heating and cooling. They can also be used in blocks of flats for utility services.

If required, the manifolds can be placed in COMAP casings supplied with frame and choice of orientation (left, right or below) for feed and return.