SkinPress brass and PPSU press-fittings for multilayer pipes


Multilayer press fittings equal tee SkinPress Water for water application
  • A range of brass fittings from 14 to 63 mm in diameter — to 32 mm only for the PPSU range
  • TH press profile
  • Immediate verification of correct pressing with the Visu-Control ring
  • O-rings are of top-quality EPDM


1 Visu-Control
Visual and tactile pressing indicator.
Allows the correct positioning of the pressing jaw.

2 Patented EPDM O-ring
Pressing profile designed specifically to avoid damaging or displacing the O-ring during connection.

3 Direct view of pipe
Visualisation windows show pipe insertion.

4 Brass tin-plating
Avoids corrosion risks in concealed installations.

5 Dielectric protection
The Visu-Control ring gives dielectric protection between the aluminium pipe layer and the brass.


SkinPress brass and PPSU press fitting benefits

  • Work in total safety: no flames, burns or fumes, no need to request fire permits.
  • Improved working conditions, thanks to lightweight pressing equipment.
  • SkinPress fitting design, focussed on quality, limits the risk of O-ring damage when the pipe is inserted.
  • Protective caps for large diameters (40, 50 and 63 mm) protect the interior of the fitting against dust, contamination and damage.
  • Visu-Control ring indicates that the fitting has been pressed correctly. The check windows allow you to see with the naked eye whether the pipe is correctly inserted.
  • The pressing tool is correctly and efficiently positioned through the Visu-Control ring.
  • Products designed to last with the use of stainless-steel casings and built-in dielectric protection that isolates the fitting from the pipe's aluminium layer.

SkinPress brass and PPSU press fitting applications

SkinPress fittings have been designed for the following applications:


    SkinPress Water SkinPress Gas
Drinking water
Sanitary hot water
Hot water networks
Under-floor heating and cooling
Chilled water
Solar heating
District heating
Water vapour
Process water
Dry compressed air (oil < 25mg/m3)
Lubricated compressed air (oil > 25mg/m3)


Applications compatible with exchanged O-ring

Compatible applications (stay within temperature and pressure limits)

Incompatible applications


For more details on the temperature and pressure conditions needed for these applications, please refer to the data sheet for this range.

SkinPress press-fittings may be used in renovation and new installations.
SkinPress press-fittings must be used only with BetaSKIN or MultiSKIN multilayer pipes by COMAP.