Drinking water

The quality of drinking water is part of every households’ concerns. Individuals are becoming more vigilant about the quality of water they consume on a daily basis. These concerns are justified because, in several regions, pesticides, nitrates or heavy metals can be found in tap water.

To eliminate bacteria, chlorine is added to the water. It can change its taste and cause an unpleasant smell that can be filtered naturally to avoid the use of bottled water.

To meet these needs, COMAP develops environment friendly solutions to improve the quality of drinking water.

COMAP’s range of drinking water quality improvement products is manufactured in France, at our Abbeville factory.


COMAP offers solutions to improve drinking water which settle at the general inlet of water or directly at the point of use of the housing.

  For the whole house For a single point of use
  Komeo Aquatis Reverse osmosis* Filter jugs*
Retains sediments and particles present in the water Y Y Y Y
Guarantees water without bacteria or viruses Y Y Y N
Removes bad taste and smell of chlorine Y Y Y Y
Keeps healthy minerals Y Y N Y
Filters pesticides and herbicides Y Y Y /!\
Control and automatically informs of consumables wear Y Y N N
Ecology: works without overconsumption or water discharge Y Y Up to 5L of water for 1L treated Y
Protects against scaling Y N N N
Remote control Y N N N
Pilotage à distance Y N N N

Solutions not offered by COMAP