When does an ongoing leak happen in the safety unit?

An ongoing leak may be caused by two kinds of malfunction:

a) The presence of a foreign object that keeps the valve from being sealed.
During work on the system, sand particles, calcium deposits or shavings from copper or solder may be encrusted on the elastomeric membrane of the valve that is no longer water-tight. If a particle isn't solidly attached, try to remove it by opening the safety valve knob all the way; if this does not work, only a professional plumber will be able to disassemble the valve, using a special tool, and clean the membrane.

b) Corrosive or aggressive water causing irreparable damage to the safety unit.
If corrosion is caused by low water quality (see French building code DTU  60.1), you must replace the safety unit. For this reason, we strongly recommend installing a safety unit with a stainless steel seat.

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