MyCOMAP: a new module is available!

07 February 2018

The latest update to the MyCOMAP application is now available. It consists of a new video module to help installers even more in their daily work and allow them to use the full potential of COMAP solutions.

COMAP videos, available anywhere

With its second module, COMAP is providing installers with all its videos on connection, heating, regulation and water treatment.

This module gives access to different kinds of videos:

  • Tutorials : how to install COMAP solutions, how to use them
  • Presentation of COMAP products and how they work
  • Webinars
  • Presentation of the group’s factories
  • Corporate videos

Notifications will be pushed automatically on the app when new videos are available, meaning that you will not miss any update.



This new module aims once more to meet the objective of MyCOMAP: to offer installers services that will help them in their daily work.

These videos are available in English.

Download MyCOMAP for free

If you haven’t yet downloaded the MyCOMAP application, it is still available for free on iOS and Android.

Download your MyCOMAP application now:

COMAP is already working on the next MyCOMAP module, which will aim once more to facilitate the installation and use of COMAP solutions.