With a large choice of hydraulic balancing valves and mesuring devices, the Ballorex range meets the balancing requirements of systems and thus contributes directly to the long-term efficiency of installations as well as the comfort of occupants.

Precision made easy
Hydraulic balancing compensates for unequal flow distribution (pressure drop) within a system, caused by circuit geometry (height of building floors, distance from main supply, elbow joints, etc.).
In this way, it ensures equal comfort throughout a building, and optimises water and energy consumption.

3 good reasons to choose Ballorex for your balancing needs

1. A complete technical system

  • All technical data (datasheets, set-up instructions, etc.) are available for each product, including the hydraulic characteristics and adjustment instructions.
  • A calculation and design program is also available for you to use.

2. Save time during set-up

  • These valves are designed to be fitted easily, save time on site and ensure reliability.

3. Precise adjustment

  • Intuitive adjusting valves to ensure optimum regulation and provide real energy savings.