Biofloor Connect wireless heating control system


Biofloor Connect wireless heating control system

Biofloor Connect – comfort at your fingertips

Biofloor Connect is the COMAP wireless control system. It is easy to install and can be controlled from your smartphone and tablet. It is a professional solution that combines a high level of technical sophistication with the ease of use offered by home automation systems. The Control Accuracy (CA) of Biofloor Connect is just 0.5K, demonstrating its high level of precision and its contribution to energy performance of the entire system. This value has been issued with an independent certification, awarded by the European organisation eu.bac - European Building Automation and Controls Association. 


Biofloor Connect includes a radio control unit, wireless thermostats and thermal actuators to operate the different circuits, enabling it to perfectly regulate the temperature in each room.

In addition to its high level of performance, Biofloor Connect is particularly easy to install, allowing you to offer a complete solution to your customers, including underfloor heating and control.

  • The thermostats can be connected to the control module in a matter of seconds, thanks to the reliable and secure 868MHz bidirectional wireless technology.
  • The integrated features reduce programming and set-up to a few simple steps.
  • Finally, the digital display thermostat offers simple, intuitive menus for your client, who can also control their system locally or remotely via their smartphone or tablet.


With the Biofloor Connect application you can monitor and manage each thermostat you have installed from a smartphone or tablet. The application is available to download for free on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.