Plug-in control system


Plug-in control system Biofloor MCF234

A comprehensive and competitive offer to suit all underfloor heating and cooling projects.

For regulating individual rooms (2 points) in living quarters and business premises, with Triac output for thermal servomotors.

Made up of a 6- or 10- valve distribution unit (MCF234), simple (TAF234) or electronic (TEF234) room thermostats and electrothermal heads (TE24) to control the various circuits, you can maintain optimum temperature control by zone or room.

There are three distribution unit models to choose from depending on the features you require, and 2 thermostat ranges with a modern design and an intuitive interface:

  • All devices are easy to install: easy cabling (up to 10 circuits) and pump control with or without a time delay for controlling circulation pumps (depending on the version).
  • Managing underfloor cooling: you can switch modes using the external operation selector or the heat pump and heating cooling output remote control, with a dew-point available as an accessory.
  • Room thermostats can be used as "stand alone" products or in combination with the MCF234 power distributor for a COMAP underfloor heating system.