Junction boxes for sanitary and heating


double junction box
  • Our junction boxes, in synthetic material for corrosion-proofing, protect the sheathing and the pipe connection.
  • If needed, these boxes allow quick access to the pipe and fitting without damage to the wall.
  • They link pipes with heating and sanitary accessories.



Junction box benefits

  • The junction boxes were designed to be used with most SkinPress, PexPress and compression systems (829, 839, 825 and 835 ranges).
  • Junction boxes may be modified in case of system expansion. For this, it is sufficient for fittings to be installed in such a way that they remain accessible.
  • COMAP press-fitting and compressing-fitting product lines are designed to work with all types of connection.

Junction box applications

COMAP junction boxes are suitable for all sanitary and heating installations.
They can be used both for new construction and for renovations.