MultiSkin and BetaSkin multilayer pipes


MultiSkin multilayer pipe roll
  • A range of multilayer pipes from 14 to 63 mm in diameter
  • Multilayer pipe consists of five layers:
  • Cross-linked polyethylene / adhesive / aluminium / adhesive / crosslinked polyethylene, for MultiSkin pipes
  • PE-RT / adhesive / aluminium / adhesive / PE-RT, for BetaSkin pipes
  • Butt-welded aluminium core guarantees uniform thickness and maximum oxygen impermeability over the entire length of the pipe.
  • The right aluminium layer thickness for good shape retention: 0.4 mm (MultiSkin) or 0.2 mm (BetaSkin) for 16 mm diameter
  • Pipes are available in several forms: bare, corrugated, insulated (6, 10 or 13 mm thickness) and dual-line.


MultiSkin and BetaSkin multilayer pipe benefits

  • A wide range of operating temperatures (-10° C to 95° C) and pressures
  • A lightweight, flexible pipe with high expansion resistance thanks to an aluminium interior layer.
  • The aluminium layer makes the tube resistant to deformation, while enabling easier handling thanks to manual bending
  • Multilayer pipe is light and easy to transport: Three times lighter than copper
  • Practical packaging: One coil of 100 metres of pipe, in an individual carton
  • The materials' properties give excellent corrosion resistance and good acoustic performance.

1 PEX-c
2 Adhesive
3 Aluminium
4 Adhesive
5 PEX-c

MultiSkin and BetaSkin multilayer pipe applications

MultiSKIN and BetaSKIN multilayer pipes are used mainly in central-heating, climate-control and sanitary systems.

They may be used in renovation and new installations.

MultiSKIN and BetaSKIN multilayer pipes must be used only with COMAP SKINPress or TurboSKIN brass or PPSU fittings.